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BloxBot BloxBot#7402
Owners: Jonny Apple , Mike Library:
The original BloxBot allows you to search Roblox users, games, groups, clothes, join games & more!
Owners: Jonny Apple , Mike Prefix: /

BloxBot is a bot to show information about users, games, groups and more from Roblox!


⭐Join Games - Be able to join games just by searching them in the bot.⭐

⭐Search - You can search anything you wanted from Roblox.⭐

⭐RAP - For users which have their inventory public, you can see their RAP.⭐

⭐Discord User Search - With help from BloxLink & Rover, you can look up any other user in the server.⭐


🔺game - Search either by the game title or the ID to get information about a game.

🔺group - Search either by the group name or the ID to get information about a group.

🔺user - Search a user by their username, ID or even their Discord tag to get information about a user.

🔺catalog - Search the Avatar Shop for hats, gears and clothing and be able to narrow down your search by the filters.

🔺event - Set up your Roblox Event in your Discord server just by pasting in the Event URL.

As well as other commands which will enrich your Roblox Discord experience!