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Friendlybot Friendlybot#1086
Friendlybot has various general administrative and RuneScape-related commands.

The Friendlybot is a bot with various features for administration, moderation, ticketing and server management along with features for various games such as RuneScape.

Some of the administrative features are: A Ticketing system, Reaction Roles, Assigning a role to everyone or everyone with a certain role, Taking away a role from everyone or everyone with a certain role and even the universal banlist. There’s also a feature to enable “Temporary Voice Channels”, this lets users make a voice channel for which they have permissions to invite others, this channel deletes itself when everyone leaves.

The Universal banlist is a list of known “Discord Raiders”, Scammers, Phishers and hackers. When this feature is enabled, all of these abusers will be banned to prevent them from raiding your server or affecting your users.

All of the features are opt-in, so if you’re not interested in using something, you don’t have to!