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Stalker Stalker#8307
Stalker allows you to keep track of someone's presence status by text notifications. Useful for tracking bots crashes and knowing when your friend goes online
Owner: Sobuck Prefix: ./


<> - optional argument

//stalk @user <-t 30> <-m online | offline | all> <dnd> - start getting notifications, when user goes online
#-t - timeout - default value 30, defines time, which should pass, before the next notification
#-m - mode - default mode is online
#dnd - do not disturb mode, you won't be getting notifications if you are offline or dnd

online - get notifications only when user goes online 
offline - get notifications only when user goes offline
all - get notifications when user goes online or offline

//stalk @Sobuck -m offline dnd - βœ”οΈ
//stalk @Bot -m all - βœ”οΈ
//stalk -m offline dnd @Sobuck - ❌
//stalk sobuck#1234 - ❌
//destalk @user - stop getting notifications, when user goes online
//stalkers - show people that stalk you
//list - show all people you stalk
//chan <#channel> <state> - show current notifications channel, set new, or mute all notifications
#channel - you can set new notifications channel with it, requires administrator permission
#state - variants: mute, unmute. If you want to disable notifications use: //chan mute

//chan - βœ”οΈ
//chan #notifications - βœ”οΈ
//chan mute - βœ”οΈ
//chan notifications - ❌

//help - show this message

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