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Birthday Bot#8358
Owner: Noi#7890 Library:
Recognize birthdays in your community! Automatically set roles and optionally announce birthdays, with your own custom message.
Owner: Noi#7890 Prefix: bb.

Recognize birthdays in your Discord community!

Birthday Bot is a simple, single-purpose bot. It will set a role on your users for the duration of their birthdays and, if desired, can announce a message in a channel of your choosing. Server owners can further specify a default time zone, with individual users also setting their own to ensure everyone’s birthdays are recognized precisely on time.

Getting started

  • Invite the bot. Be mindful that it requires role setting permissions.
  • Create a dedicated birthday role to be used only by the bot. Ensure the new role is placed beneath the bot’s own role.
    • Do not use an existing role! This bot assumes exclusive control over it. Users that have the role but are not having a birthday will be removed from it!
  • Instruct the bot to use the role: bb.config role (role name)

Other tips

  • Set the birthday announcement channel: bb.config channel (channel)
  • Set a default time zone: bb.config zone (time zone)
    • Use the command for information on how to specify time zones.
  • Customize the announcement message: See for more information.
  • Abusive users? This bot contains features for blocking certain or all regular users from issuing commands. Server and designated bot moderators can issue commands on any user’s behalf instead.


Birthday information is not shared between servers. This is by design out of respect for user privacy. This enables users to choose to share their birthdays among certain communities while not sharing it to others.