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Birthday Bot#8358
Owner: Noi#7890 Library:
Recognize birthdays in your community! Automatically set roles and optionally announce birthdays.
Owner: Noi#7890 Prefix: bb.

Recognize birthdays in your Discord community!

This bot will automatically set a role to users during their birthdays. If desired, birthdays will also be announced in a channel of your choosing. Time zones are supported per-user as well as per-server, and it is possible to limit usage of the bot if users are being abusive.

Getting started

  • Invite the bot. Be mindful that it requires role setting permissions.
  • Create a dedicated birthday role to be used only by the bot. Ensure the new role is under the bot’s role.
    • Do not use an existing role! This bot assumes exclusive control over it. Any users without birthdays will have the role automatically removed.
  • Instruct the bot to use the role: bb.config role (role name)
  • Optional: Set a birthday announcement channel: bb.config channel (channel)
  • Optional: Set a server default time zone: bb.config zone (time zone)
    • Use the command for information on how to specify time zones.