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Owner: Psychal#2359 Library:
Hearthstone bot, search through a database to find information about the cards.
Owner: Psychal#2359 Prefix: !thun

This bot uses Hearthstone card information available at Hearthpwn’s website.
Search through a database of 4670 card/hero entries(Patch 14.2) with a name to find the specific one you want. If it doesn’t find it, it will try to give you a list of cards with similar name.
Use a deckstring to recieve a list over cards in the deck.
This bot can also solve basic math and supports most common operators, exponentiation, and negative numbers.

C’thun Commands

  • !thun help Get a list over commands. You can also append another command behind it to get usage info.

  • !thun Get C'thun to say something!

  • c’thun Invoke C'thun's reaction.

  • !thun deck [deckstring] Decodes a deckstring to recieve an embed of all the cards in the deck.

  • !thun card Posts a random hearthstone card in the form of a discord embed.

  • !thun search [word] Enter a part of, or full name to perform a search. Yields a maximum of 10 results. Result input lasts only for 60 seconds.

  • !thun math [expression] Enter an expression to make C'thun solve it. Supports most common operators, exponentiation, and negative numbers.

  • !thun keyword [keyword] These are card keyword commands to bring up a description of what each keyword means.

  • !thun stats Stats and other info about the bot.

  • !thun changelog Changelog over the most recent couple of changes.

Commands are case-insensitive and without square-brackets