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Friday Discord Bot

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Another way to see the full list of commands is by typing !help in a Discord server that I have been invited to. You can also direct message me any commands as well (if you want to keep our conversation more private).

Reddit posts

When someone posts a link to a Reddit post with and image or video, Friday will check to see if there is an available link to grab the video or image from, and then react with a 🔗 emoji. To extract the video or image from the post simply add your own 🔗 reaction to your message. Friday will then send a link the image or download the video and post it.

Reddit posts that wont be extracted include text posts and gallary posts. If there is a post type that i missed please use the !issue command followed by the Reddit post and I will get to work.

Custom sounds

This command will let you make a sub-command that plays a specific link of your choosing. This makes it easier to play a song or sound that you would like to play often without having to find the url every time.

For example if you wanted to play Bruh Sound Effect #2 you can add it to the list like so !c add bruh https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2ZIpFytCSVc. To then play that sound you would type this command !c bruh.

D&D Dice rolling

Friday can also roll D&D dice for you with the command !d or !r. This command should work with everything on wikipedia.org/wiki/Dice_notation. If the command returns with an error please use the !issue command to connect to Friday’s support server to explain what happened so I can fix the problem ASAP. A simple example of what this command can do is !d d20 and a more complex example is !r 3d20+d4*3.

Inspirational Quotes

If you ask Friday for an inspirational quote like @Friday could you provide me an inspirational quote Friday will build an image from a JavaScript Canvas with a background from a list and place a string of text from an array overtop of the image then send it as a message attachment

The inspirational quotes command has been disabled for the time being.


Friday can play music in a voice channel with the command !play followed by a search query, a YouTube video URL, or almost anyother video link you can find. At the moment Spotify links doen’t work because it requies API keys that I haven’t setup yet. Here are examples of those two uses !play uptown funk or !play https://youtu.be/dQw4w9WgXcQ.


Friday can respond to normal chat without the message being directed towards Friday