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Friday Friday#5132
A fun chat bot that brings more life into your discord server

Friday bot

Friday is a chatbot powered by GPT-3, with powerful moderation tools, games, and music.

Web dashboard

All of Friday’s settings can be changed from the web dashboard to make your experience with Friday as smooth as possible.


Friday’s chatbot system is powered by GPT-3 and to make it easy for everyone to chat with Friday, talking with Friday was built as if you were talking to a person. The ways of talking with Friday are as follows:

  • Mentioning Friday (or using a reply) eg.
@Friday hey, how are you?
hey, what is it like being a bot?


To prevent spam and raiding if your server(s) Friday is equipt with powerful commands such as a phrase blacklist, invite spam, mention spam, etc…

All of these settings can be modified through the web dashboard or commands found on the documentation site.


Give powerful moderation commands to you and your moderators including mute, kick, ban, etc…


Friday has a music playback system on par with Rythm, and Groovy. To start playing music using the !play command.


Greet new members to your server with a welcome message and/or role with Friday’s welcoming features that can be configured on the web dashboard or through commands found on the documentation website.

Reddit Media Extraction

Tired of having to open Reddit links just to view the media in the posts? Setup Friday’s Reddit Media Extraction to have Friday extract that media for you and view the video or images right in Discord.

When enabled, and someone posts a link to a Reddit post with and image or video, Friday will check to see if there is an available link to grab the video or image from, and then react with a 🔗 emoji. To extract the video or image from the post simply add your own 🔗 reaction to your message. Friday will then send a link the image or download the video and post it.


Log moderation action done automatically by Friday or done by your moderation team with Friday’s logging feature.


Play some fun games like minesweeper and rock paper scissors right in Discord with Friday’s games commands.

Support development of the bot



Discord Server

Web Dashboard