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Vetrilox Vetrilox#4029
Vetrilox is a perfect bot for any server needing Auto-Moderation, Auto Roles, Tickets and much more.
Owner: Scorp Prefix: v!


The easy-to-use multi-purpose bot

Here is what Vetrilox has in store:

Moderation Sort out them pesky buggers and teach β€˜em a lesson

Auto-Moderation Mods call it quits? Let Vetrilox take care of the server for you

Entertainment Server getting bored? Entertain them with our fleet of entertainment commands

Utility Someone bugging you for information? Use our many utility commands to get the information you so well seek.

Configuration Bot not behaving how you like? Configure the bot to your liking.

Images Want to see a deepfried version of your profile picture? No? Well too bad

Tickets Your community having problems? Sort them out with our ticket system

Use v!help in any channel the bot has access to get started. Use v!config to see all of the configurable options.

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