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Muzzled Fox Muzzled Fox#2842
Red The Husky
Mainly NSFW bot with intention to be used in nsfw servers. commands to simulate gagging a person, cuffing and other bdsm/nsfw stuffs. Has some sfw features as well and utility command as well

I’m a gag bot that will gag you and force you to say ‘Yes, Sir!’.
I will place your in a heavy restraints, gags/straitjacket/cuffs/hoods.
Bringing BDSM features to Discord. And much more…
Commands are ideal for the following communities: bdsm, pet-play, abdl, chastity.
Do to the nature of its functions, the bot should only be used in NSFW tagged channels, channels for 18+ or servers for 18+.
**If you dont want the bot to add slash commands, remove %20applications.commands from its invite link.**
The bot request extra permission for its Utility commands, if you don’t desire to use them, you can remove those permission: Manage Server, Manage Channels, Kick/Ban Members, Create Invite, Manage Nicknames, Manage Emojis, View Audit Log. If you like the Muzzled Fox , please help by donating/support, you can view the link at: !>about support\

[NEW] Lovense Integration

• Allows sending commands to your lovense toy from Discord

[NEW] Emlalock Integration

• Allows adding and substracting time from emlalock session
• Can be linked to the bot bdsm functions, so posting bad words in text channel will add more time.

BDSM commands
[Update] Internet Shock Collar PiShock

• Allows linking bot fictional shock to PiShock internet controlled remote shocking device.
• Supports sending custom beep,vibrate, shock command to PiShocker.
• Added minigames like rock, paper scissors or Hi/Low Number that would shock the user if they lose.

Gag Features

• Simulate gagging your sub and watching them try to speak (aka type).
• This feature when used on somebody, the bot will delete their original message, create a webhook and post it with the author name&avatar but with gagged text.
• Safeword is red to instant ungag.
• Custom text for some gag levels.


• Fun interactive social rp-ish text commands as you cant actually restrain somebody using a bot. Like when somebody is using it on themselves to cuff themselves, it will post in the text channel that they cuffed themselves. Or when somebody is trying to cuff somebody it will post in text they cuffed by that person.
• Besidies cuffs, it has options for hood, earmuffs, suit, straitjacket, blindfold.
Restrained Restrained

(Fictional) Shock Collar

• Support both bad-word and enforced-words list.
• Bad-words are words or sentences that should not be said.
• Enforced-words are words or sentences that should be said, at least one of them. ShockCollar

Features for arm & leg cuffs

• Simulates slow typing like when hands are restrained by deleting the post if posted to early.
• Simulates unable to move between rooms (channels) by deleting your posts if posted outside the channel were your legs got cuffed.


• This will allows set up a condition where unlocking can’t be used while timelock is active.
• Additionally the safeword for quick ungagging won’t work.
• Besides able to set up a starting duration, once active, additional duration can be added or subtracted from the total duration.


• The idea here is that the owner&sec-owner of the sub/pet can enforce channel some overrides on their pet/sub, limiting the subs capability.
• Only owner&sec-owner of the sub can do it.
• Also has runaway command.

States are saved

All the bdsm states are saved on server side, ensuring when you come back the sub is still tied up&gagged.


• Allows simulating fictional diaper, that can be checked if wet, spank their diapered butt and so on.
• Select between different diapers and onesis.

Chastity, Collar & Diaper verification

The author request a user to perform a verification by attaching an image to the received dm they got from the bot. Chastity

Chastity Session

Can assign a keyholder, can add&sub duration, can perform hygiene openings, can perform verification.


e621, Fa, Inkbunny Image Searchers

URL Preview of art host sites

Supported: Inkbunny,FurAffinity,Weasyl,DeviantArt Disabled auto previewing post starting with URL by default to prevent issues with other bots handling URL(s). Can be enabled manually. Also secondary method by adding the prefix before the URL will work even if auto previewing is disabled. Ex: !>http://….

Some other fun interactions

Some of the fun social interactions are:

Annual Orgasm Planner For Male

Fun little command like what should your orgasm count be for the year based on size&age

Characters Organizer

• Can store both sfw and nsfw version characters.
• Can store fursona, general character or patient character.


Creating/Displaying your slave registry

Capable exporting server ban/member and other lists

Export ban/members/roles/channel/invites/emotes in a JSON file or multiple JSON files inside a ZIP file.

And much more NSFW command
Emote Utility

• Allowing to upload/remove/rename/set roles for the server emote. • Allowing non-nitro users to use the server custom gif emotes.
• Getting information of emote or reaction used in message.
• Backing up your server emotes by downloading them.
• By adding role(s) to the server custom emojis, you limit that only members with that role can use the emoji.

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