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Circle Circle#4808
Owners: flatbird , Conor™ Library:
Circle is an advanced Discord bot featuring moderation, logging, starboard, and more! Circle can even log deleted images!
Owners: flatbird , Conor™ Prefix: c!

Meet Circle - A simple Discord bot for every community.

Circle’s web dashboard and simple design make it the easiest way to enhance your server. What are you waiting for? Try it today.

Why should I use Circle?

  • Easy to use Web Dashboard!
  • Moderate: Empower your server’s mod team with over 20 moderation commands. Enable automod to give your mods a break. Easily configurable through the web dashboard.
  • Log: Circle logs over 15 events, even image deletions. Unlike some bots, our logging is completely free. Want logs sent via embeds or compact messages? It’s your choice.
  • Reaction Roles: No more manually assigning roles or using clunky commands. Let your members react to a message to gain/remove roles.
  • Welcoming: Welcome messages, farewell messages, and an autorole system.
  • Starboard: Allow users to star their favorite messages!
  • Automate: Have Circle automatically reply to certain keywords, or create your own custom commands using advanced variables.
  • Protect your server: Circle can attempt to stop automated accounts, VPN users, and more bad actors. Our verification plugin allows you to require users to complete a captcha before entering your server.
  • Built-in Ban Appeals (Premium): This plugin allows banned members of your server to appeal their punishment. We’ve made it easier for you to create and manage appeals in your server with our form creator, automatic unbanning, prerequisites and so much more. In other words, goodbye Google form ban appeals!
  • So much more: Circle is always updating and features are always being added!
  • Trusted by large servers like /r/smashbros, /r/StrangerThings, and Police Roleplay Community!

Ready to upgrade your server? Invite Circle!