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Owners: ⛧Bζ͜͡annerBomb⛧#4437, unknown#0000 Library:
This bot aims to fill in for the missing features of the original highlight bot by Danny#0007.

This bot is kinda like the original Danny#0007 highlight bot, but with much more features. Like OCR, RegExp, and plain word triggers, there is a DND mode so if you don’t want to get notified of triggers from this bot you can use h!dnd to toggle dnd mode. You can use the bot’s h!help command for more information on the bot and bot commands. If you have any issues with the bot feel free to let me know.

This bot is useful if you are looking for a discord bot that can notify your staff when a trigger was mentioned in your server, you may use RegExp expressions but be careful anyone who intentionally adds redos expressions to this bot will be blacklisted without warning. If you would like to see the bot’s command list you can click here to visit the Command List page