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Pepe Manager #6062
Owner: Almeida #0001 Library:
A Discord bot with focus on automation, leveling, emoji management, and image manipulation
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Pepe Manager

This is Pepe Manager, the bot that manages the Pepe Emoji Servers.

Features of this bot:

  • Auto role (with timeout)
  • Disable bot commands on certain channels
  • Role mention cooldown
  • Guild milestone (members) announcements
  • Guild milestone (members) prediction
  • Auto Publish channels (crosspost)
  • Leveling system
    • Whitelist channels where members can get xp
    • Leaderboard to display the top 100 members with pagination
    • Stylish and Discord-esque leveling card (With mobile friendly text fallback)
    • Customizeable role rewards for reaching levels, up to 5 roles within the same level!
    • Customizeable leader/top role; reward the most active person on your server!
    • Stylish and Discord-esque online website leaderboard!
    • A reliable leveling system, with no paywalls at all!
  • Emoji list channel
  • Emoji management
    • Create
    • Delete
    • Download
    • Rename
    • Search
  • Image commands
    • Pet Command
    • Image Overlay
    • Pepe Sign Text
    • Pepe Exit
    • Pepe Enter
    • Pepe Sip
    • Pepe Stonks
    • Pepe Not Stonks
    • Pepe Blanket
    • Pepe Banned
    • Pepe Christmas
    • Pepe Cop
    • Pepe Discord Mod
    • Pepe Hazmat
    • Pepe Jedi
    • Pepe Sith
    • Pepe Mask
    • Pepe Unicorn
    • Pepe Wallpeek
  • Translate command
  • Multiple other utility commands such as avatar, lookup (for searching members on the same server)