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K-pop Music Quiz K-pop Music Quiz#7255
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A kpop guessing game in Discord. Invite the bot to your voice call, and test your reflexes by correctly guessing the name of the song!
Owners: ohmi , Cool Prefix: ,

Visit to see the full gameplay guide!

Welcome to KMQ, the K-Pop song guessing game. Type ,play while in a voice channel to begin a game of KMQ! The bot will automatically start playing a random song, and the first person to type in the correct guess will win a point.

Use ,options to see all the options you can change to make your perfect game!

Get a hint for the current song using ,hint.

Start a vote to skip the current song using ,skip.

A game of KMQ can be ended by typing ,end, and a winner will be announced.

See the latest updates to KMQ with ,news.

We update our songs frequently! Expect to see songs on the bot the same day they release on YouTube!



Game Options

KMQ offers different game options to dynamically narrow down the selection of songs based on your preferences. The current game options can be viewed by using ,options or simply tagging KMQ Bot.

Use ,help [command_name] for details and examples for every bot command.

For each command’s usage, arguments:

  • surrounded by [brackets] are required
  • surrounded by {curly_brackets} are optional
  • containing [values | separated | by | pipes] are the only valid argument values (in this case, only values, separated, by, and pipes would be accepted)

If no arguments are passed, the game option is reset to its original value. To reset all options, use ,reset.


When applying a new game option, the newly updated option will be bold in the bot’s response. To learn more about how to use a specific game option, check ,help [option].

,limit [beginning_limit] {end_limit}

Setting this option “limits” KMQ bot to the top most viewed beginning_limit music videos out of the total number of songs. Increasing the limit allows less popular songs to play; decreasing it restricts it to more popular songs.

For example, ,limit 100 will play the 100 most viewed songs in the current game options, while ,limit 250 500 will play between the 250th and 500th most viewed songs.

View counts are frequently updated from YouTube.


,groups [group_1], {group_2}, {group_3} …

Setting the groups option limits the selection of songs to those belonging to the artist specified. For instance ,groups blackpink, itzy, fromis 9, bts will exclusively play songs from those four artists. You can view the list of groups names via the link in ,help groups. Make sure to separate the groups with commas.

  • List all set groups using ,list groups
  • Add groups using ,add groups [group_1], {group_2}, ...
  • Remove groups using ,remove groups [group_1], {group_2}, ...
  • In order to reset this option, simply type ,groups


,gender [gender_1 | alternating] {gender_2} {gender_3}

Setting a gender specifies the gender of the groups you’d like to hear from.

  • ,gender male will play songs by boy groups and male soloists
  • ,gender female will play songs by girl groups and female soloists
  • ,gender male female will play songs by boy groups, girl groups, and all soloists
  • ,gender coed will play songs by groups containing a mix of male and female members
  • ,gender alternating will alternate between male and female artist songs each round

male, female, and coed can all be used at once (,gender male female coed), but alternating must be used on its own.

Note that ,groups and ,gender are incompatible with each other. If you wish to continue using ,gender, reset ,groups first.

Want to control whether groups or soloists are exclusively played? Check out ,help artisttype.


,cutoff [beginning_year] {end_year}

Setting a cutoff limits songs based on which year they were released. Using ,cutoff 2015 will play songs from 2015 onwards, while ,cutoff 2015 2017 will play songs released between 2015 and 2017.


,seek [seek_type]

Setting the seek type changes which point in a song the bot starts playing from.

  • ,seek beginning will play every song starting from the beginning
  • ,seek random will play from a random point in the song
  • ,seek middle will play from the middle of the song


,guessmode [guess_mode_type]

Setting the guess mode changes the objective of the game to guessing the name of the song, the artist, or both.

  • ,guessmode song only accepts song names as guesses
  • ,guessmode artist only accepts artist names as guesses
  • ,guessmode both accepts either the song or artist name
    • A song guess will net you 1 point and an artist guess will net you 0.2 points


,exclude [group_1], {group_2}, {group_3} …

Setting the exclude option ignores songs by the specified artists. For instance ,exclude Day6, Momoland ignore songs by those two artists. You can view the list of groups names via the link in ,help exclude. Make sure to separate the groups with commas.

  • List all set excluded groups using ,list exclude
  • Add excluded groups (these artist won’t play) using ,add exclude [group_1], {group_2}, ...
  • Remove excluded groups (these artists will play) using ,remove exclude [group_1], {group_2}, ...
  • In order to reset this option, simply type ,exclude

Similarly, to force groups in to the game regardless of the current options, use ,include.


,goal [goal]

Setting the goal ends the game when the given goal score is reached. For example, if a player were to use ,goal 50, the first player to 50 points would win the game (,end is called automatically).

To disable a goal, use ,goal.


,timer [time (seconds)]

Setting a timer limits players to guess in under time seconds before the round ends automatically. Once a user gives a valid timeout, the timer will start at the beginning of every round. If no one guesses right in the allotted time, the round is over.

Set the timer to 10 (5? 3?) seconds and face off with your friends to see who the ultimate KMQ champ is!

Alternatively, set it above 30 seconds and avoid the ,skip spam.

To disable a timer, use ,timer.


,shuffle [random | unique]

Setting the ,shuffle unique plays through every song in your options once before any are repeated.

With ,shuffle random, songs are randomly chosen from before every round, so some may repeat depending on the total amount of songs.


Full Command List

Use ,help [command_name] for more details for any of the following commands:

General Commands

  • ,play: Begin a game of KMQ. The bot will play a random song based on the currently chosen filters
  • ,end: Stop the current game of KMQ. The bot will display the winner of the game
  • ,hint: Show a hint for the current song playing
  • ,forcehint: The person that started the game can force-hint the current song, no majority necessary
  • ,skip: Start a vote to skip the current playing song. Based on majority rule
  • ,forceskip: The person that started the game can force-skip the current song, no majority necessary
  • ,options: Show the current game options, which filter the songs that will be played
  • ,help: Show a general overview of available commands, as well as specific instructions for each command
  • ,news: Show the latest features/changes to the bot
  • ,profile: Show per-player stats, along with a ranking against everyone else
  • ,leaderboard: Show the server/game/global KMQ leaderboard
  • ,list: Show the currently selected groups for ,groups, ,include, or ,exclude
  • ,preset: Quickly save, load, and export game options as presets (even across servers!)
  • ,vote: Show your current 2x bonus EXP modifier status from voting for the bot on Thanks for supporting KMQ!

Game Option Commands

  • ,limit: Set a maximum number of results in the song query. This effectively sets the “top x number of songs” based on the selected filters
  • ,groups: Specify which groups/artists to exclusively play from
  • ,gender: Choose the gender of the artists to exclusively play from
  • ,cutoff: Set a cutoff year for songs. Only songs released during and after the cutoff year will be chosen
  • ,artisttype: Choose whether to hear from soloists, groups, or both.
  • ,release: Specify whether only official releases are played, or include b-sides + dance practices + acoustic versions + remixes
  • ,language: Choose whether to include Japanese/English/Chinese songs, or only Korean songs
  • ,subunits: Choose whether to automatically include a group’s subunits when using ,groups
  • ,ost: Include, exclude, or exclusively play OST music videos
  • ,multiguess: Choose whether to allow multiple players to guess correctly in a round
  • ,shuffle: Choose whether songs should play in “t