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Private 6 Mans Private 6 Mans#8448
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A free to use Verified Discord Bot created for Rocket League communities.

Looking for a rocket league bot that supports creating private 6Mans lobbies? Add private6mans to your server!

What is 6Mans?

6Mans is a competitive PUG platform with the purpose of being a more competitive alternative to the in-game Rocket League ranked system. The main goal is to provide an environment where games are taken more seriously and players can improve exponentially with other like-minded individuals.


Fully customizable:

From number of queue members, to specific roles that can moderate the moderator section of the bot, you can customize every aspect of the bot!

Easy customization:

Featuring a website admin panel and user friendly commands, anyone can configure the bot on the go


We offer support on our discord for setup and queries

24/7 Uptime:

We try our best to keep everything online, all the time

Inteligent Command handling:

Anywhere the bot requires extra information from you, it guides you through the process of providing the correct information