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Uptime #5851
TopMastered #0001
A bot that records your average online/offline time on Discord.

The Uptime bot will track how much time you spend online vs offline.

How the bot works:

  • Every minute the bot will record your current status.
  • If you are online, idle, or in do not disturb mode you will recieve 1 minute of online time
  • If you are offline or invisable mode you will recieve 1 minute of offline time

How to use:

  • Add the bot to your discord server
  • Type %uptime and get your information
  • For more help use %help

Data collection policy:

At Uptime, the only data we collect are the total minutes you spend online and offline, your Discord ID, your account name, and whether you’re a bot or not.

If you have any questions about our data collection, would like to be blacklisted from the bot’s tracking, or would like a reset of your information, you can visit our Discord server and open a support ticket.

This bot is developed and maintained by TopMastered#0001