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DunGen generates high resolution dungeon maps ready to use in virtual tabletops like Roll20, FoundryVTT and Fantasy Grounds.
Owner: Nick#2947 Prefix: !dungen

Dungeon Channel

DunGen is a dungeon generator that creates high resolution maps ready to import into Roll20, Foundry VTT, Fantasy Grounds, Astral or any other virtual tabletop. Images are perfectly aligned so there’s no fiddling required to make it work with your tabletop’s grid.


  • !dungen help - will show useful information about the bot.
  • !dungen map - will generate a random dungeon.
  • !dungen map <size> <seed> <theme> - will generate a dungeon based on the optional size, seed and theme (same seeds will produce the same dungeon).

For example: !dungen map huge 32165487 gray

Sizes available: mini, tiny, small, medium, large, huge

Themes available: original, ice, gray, white, virtual

DunGen Map Example