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PopBot PopBot#8376
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γ€Ž PoroUsedSnax 』
A multi-purpose bot with powerful server invite moderation.
Owner: γ€Ž PoroUsedSnax 』 Prefix: . OR @PopBot OR customizable

’ Do you require a bot with great invite moderation features, per server status management and many other interesting features? ‚

Look no further than PopBot!

β€£ Auto-moderation for posting Discord invite links (Whitelist or blacklist invites) and invalid invites.
β€£ Log information on a Discord invite link posted in your server, ideal for advertising/listing servers.
β€£ Reaction roles and auto roles (Roles automatically given to new members when they join).
β€£ Suggestion feature with the ability to accept or deny a suggestion and close voting on it.
β€£ Auto-reasons. When setup converts short reasons you choose used in moderation commands such as r1 into full length reasons: Did a bad thing and broke #rules 1..
β€£ An embed status system for members to show their current activity in your server. (Great for Staff teams or Gaming groups). β€£ Auto-posting messages that will post repeatedly on a timer.
β€£ A full suite of moderation commands with moderation logging.
β€£ Mass role command with the ability to target everyone, bots, humans or members within a role.

And many more features to come in the future, including more auto-moderation, levelling and fun/game commands!