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Echo Echo#8814
Farmer Brown
Echo is a multifunctional discord bot. Made for everyone and their servers. Echo is updated regularly

About Echo

Echo is a multifunctional bot packed with several fun and administrative commands. Echo will be able to fill your server with safety, moderation, and fun. Echo’s key assets are shown with the extensive administrative and fun commands. When brought online, full functionality is available. However, when it is brought offline, we are developing the bot and improving its features. Echo features are updated regally, stemming from our members’ feedback and suggestions.
One month prior to each holiday, Echo will release a command panel made specific to that holiday. It will be removed one to two weeks after each holiday passes. Additionally, Echo does specialty command panels such as one for our military and the Coronavirus. If you’d like a new one created, simply contact our support server and we’d be happy to create one for you!

Having trouble using Echo?

A problem you may encounter when using Echo is the bot may be slow to respond, this is normal, slash commands tale 1-4 seconds to respond. Additionally, some links exist that do not create proper roles; therefore, you will have to create one with enough permissions. If you do not do this, Echo will not work in your server properly. 

Have a suggestion or question?

If you have any suggestions, questions, or problems with Echo, please visit our support server.


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