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Create quizzes yourself or play those created by members all around the world. Easy to use web interface included.
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Play detailed quizzes made by users like you

Explore our large database of quizzes, all with different questions, answers and challenges! Play them with as many, or as little friends as you want. See a quiz being played in a channel? Simply join in by answering any one question.

Create your own quizzes for everyone to enjoy. Worldwide.

Use the web interface to create detailed quizzes with up to 25 unique questions. Edit the quiz's name, description, colour and more with just a single click. Prefer working within Discord? Anything you can do with the website you can also do there using well-documented commands, all explained in the comprehensive help command.

Full customisation

Make every single quiz unique by giving every question anywhere from 3 to 5 answers and giving your quiz one of many colours. Control who can play your quiz; don't let other people see anything they shouldn't.

Active development team

We are continuously working on new features and listening to your feedback to improve the bot and make it exactly what you want from a Discord bot. We are always happy to hear your feedback: you can tell us your honest thoughts on our support server.

Need help?

Just pop over to our support server to get quick help right from the developers!