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Aaptaha Aaptaha#1201
@@ or आ.
Gouenji Shuuya ✓
Aaptaha caters to general Discord audience with an Indian tinge and languages.
Owner: Gouenji Shuuya ✓ Prefix: @@ or आ.

Aaptaha is your friendly neighborhood Discord bot which has useful moderation, utility, information, and helper commands, and an economy system.

The bot has multiple prefixes, so you can use any one of them. Currently, they are:

  • @@
  • आ.

Use the help command for seeing which commands you can use.


  • Bot’s UX in more than one language (English + good support for Hindi; more Indian language support later)

  • COVID-19 stats for any of the Indian states and districts (or the whole country) with just one command. You can also see vaccination and testing stats!

  • Essential moderation commands which you love being trigger-happy with. (kick, ban, mute, purge).

  • Helpful emoji management commands so that you can amp up your server’s emoji game! (enlarge, add, delete, restrict emojis quickly without opening the settings page, supports emojis, IDs, links so you don’t need to upload images; export emojis from a server to another)

  • Deletboard (Like starboard, but it deletes the message. Think of its use with the :delet_this: emoji). #hall-of-cringe just got cringier.

  • Nice economy features so that you can earn money, bet, etc (daily, give, take, bets, leaderboard, etc.)

  • Utility and Information commands (Calculate mathematical expressions, search Wikipedia, see userinfo (also shows who added a bot), serverinfo, make the bot say something, etc.)

  • Hosting a tournament on your server, or just playing some games amongst your friends? Create teams/groups from specified members or roles!

  • Are you an intellectual? Do you like wasting debating your time out? This is the perfect bot for organising your debates, and exporting the debate to a markdown file!

  • Cryptography commands, because why not? Get them ciphertext and flaunt yer hackerman skillz.

  • Privacy (entirely delete a server’s database from the bot, and/or recreate it)

  • Funny error messages : )

  • And many other features!