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A multipurpose bot with plenty of GIFs.

dot.bit is a multipurpose bot designed to be funny and as simple as possible to use. No setup is needed aside from inviting the bot and making sure it has appropriate permissions (for moderation commands) to get started.

By the way, we have GIFs.

Plenty of RNG-based commands are included for fun:

  • 8ball: get advice for the hardest of questions
  • advice: get advice overall
  • choose: settle a choice
  • dice: roll up to 10 dice
  • fact: the more you know ⭐
  • joke: good one

You can also search through various different websites from the comfort of Discord, automatically sending the results to chat (or just yourself, if you want):

  • mc: show off your favourite minecraft server
  • urbandictionary: the crowd-sourced “dictionary”
  • wikipedia: the free encyclopedia

Punish troublemaking users with more control! dot.bit offers moderation commands building on Discord’s built-in functions, in a simple slash command interface:

  • ban
    • add: wipe out rule-breakers
    • check: confirm whether users are banned or not
    • remove: unban members
  • timeout
    • add: mute rule-breakers
    • check: confirm whether users are muted, and for how long
    • remove: unmute rule-breakers

Feeling curious? There are many commands to display details of your favourite colo(u)rs and servers:

  • about: get statistics about the bot
  • avatar: get your (or someone else’s) avatar
  • color: display a colo(u)r image of your choice (or even randomly)
  • serverinfo: learn more about your server
  • userinfo: find out about a user (yourself or someone else)