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Voice Manager Voice Manager#1520
Riddles and Lies
A highly customizable bot for management of temporary channels and dynamic matchmaking

Voice Manager creates temporary voice/text channels on demand! Hereโ€™s what it looks like

TLDR: Designate a lobby and direct everybody who enters to be placed in a newly created voice channel with a private text chat. Once everybody leaves this new channel both will be automatically deleted and logged, leaving no clutter behind!

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Voice Manager is highly customizable!

  • We offer personalized templates for channel names from usernames, tags, or even active games!
  • Private text chats that are visible only to those who enter your voice channel
  • Ordered channels using our %counter% combo in /help lobbies.
  • Granular moderation over new channels with /lobby permissions command, anywhere from instant kicking or channel name changes
  • Auto-logging of text channel transcripts
  • Matchmaking lobbies to direct users to existing channels

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