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Voice Manager #1520
Riddles and Lies #2773
A highly customizable bot for management of temporary channels and dynamic matchmaking

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Voice Manager is a bot, that allows your users to create new voice channels on demand! Here’s what it looks like

Assign a lobby and everybody who enters this lobby will be placed in a newly created channel. Once everybody leaves this new channel - it gets deleted, so there’s never any clutter!

Voice Manager is highly customizable!

  • You can make your own template for new channels’ names, that can include your username, tag or a game that you play!
  • Bot can do ordered channels! Check out %counter% combo in /help lobbies.
  • Give your users granular control over their new channels with /lobby permissions command! Let them kick the killjoys or change their channel name to something stupid!
  • Create private text chats, that are visible only to those, who enter your channel!
  • Matchmaking lobbies! Nobody knows how they work but they are extremely cool!