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MK Bot #3966
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MK Bot is a all in one WoW (World of Warcraft) bot to enhance a guilds discord and offer quality of life features like mythic keystone info, (heroic and mythic) raiding checks and ReactionRoles.

MK - Mythic Keystone and Raiding Bot is a all in one World of Warcraft bot to enhance a guilds discord and offer quality of life features. For all administrative commands you will need the “Manage Server” permission.

Its key features include:

  • Full reaction role support (Use “!help rr” for more info)
  • Setting up multiple rosters and tracking their progress (Use “!help roster” for more info)
  • Checking highest completed key (Use “!help mplus” for more info)
  • Creating an automatically updating Channel Board with key information about your roster and their great vault progress (Shadowlands feature) (Use “!help cb” for more info)

The first thing you should do after inviting the bot to your discord is to set your region: e.g. !region us (it will otherwise always assume eu as default. You can see all available region via “!help region”)

After setting up your region you should add people to your roster via the roster command (official realm slug names, so Tarren Mill would be Tarren-Mill):

!roster add username-realm

You can add different / multiple rosters by specifying a roster name (!roster add [opt-name] username-realm -> !roster add alts scripe-tarren-mill)

You could now check everyone’s highest completed key with the !mplus [opt-roster] command (in this case !mplus alts”). If you want to set up the channel board you could run !cb setup #ChannelName [opt-roster]

If you need help with any command you can always run “!help command” or “!help command subcommand”. If you want to see all available commands to you, you can use “!help” in any channel.

If you find any bugs or have suggestions feel free to join the development discord. I try to fix reported bugs asap, same as adding / changing features

These features include and are not limited to:

  1. Ability to define (multiple) rosters and add members to it
  2. Check the highest completed M-Plus for each roster. (Especially useful for when you still need to do your weekly and need some to help you or as a raidleader to spy on your roster)
  3. Check current AP levels of your roster. (This is pretty pointless at the end of the expansion but it will be updated for whatever ressource you have to “grind” in shadowlands)
  4. Providing Reaction Roles / Handling self user management (You react to a message and get a role assigned based on the reaction)
  5. An absolutely degenerate module which I’ve made for a friend. (NSFW,Needs to be manually enabled by server admin)
  6. Ability to track member changes which include: Member Join (+ if possible who invited them), Member leave, Role added, Role removed. Needs to be manually enabled by server admin
  7. Tracking of message edits Needs to be manually enabled by server admin
  8. Tracking of recently deleted messages )(including pictures if available\ Needs to be manually enabled by server admin)
  9. Checking ingame events for specific achievements (Useful for guilds which want to make sure everyone gets curve. This checks for account wide achievements and not just character achievements)
  10. Checking ingame events for their (majority played) role and their logs with lots of customization regarding sorting.
  11. Ability to handle temp memberships and manually approve / decline them. (Bot will send a message to the user based on it)
  12. Ability to define/create shortcuts for messages.
  13. Display great vault progress for everyone in your roster
  14. Create a Channel / Raid board which automatically updates to show everyone’s progress

The bot “needs” (almost all are optional and not needed if you don’t intent to use some features but heavily recommended) the following permissions on your discord:

  • Send messages (Pretty much the only “needed” one)
  • Manage Messages (This is partly needed for the Reaction Roles module can work without but I would suggest against it)
  • Embed Links (This is currently not needed but might be for future features. It just means that it can link external links)
  • Read Message History (This is needed incase the bot disconnects / restarts and loses the message cache. **Heavily recommended to be left on)
  • Add Reactions (Needed for Reaction Roles)
  • Manage Roles (This is 100% needed if you want to use the Reaction Roles / GMM module)
  • View Channels (Needed for multiple modules, you can manually add the bot to different channels
  • Manage Channels (This is needed for the “who invited a user”. Its only needed if you want to see who created the invite link when someone joined.)
  • Manage Server (This is needed for the “who invited a user”. Its only needed if you want to see who created the invite link when someone joined.)
  • Voice Connect/Speak This is mostly for future features. A voice module is already done but I wont push it publicly yet.

When adding the bot you should always remember to add it to all the channels you want it to work in / record messages for message edit/deletion events. Additionally it needs to be “above” the role it has to apply for Reaction Roles to work

Privacy Policy: No Data is permanently stored and only temporarily processed in NYC and held in RAM until overwritten. No Discord User specific data is stored, only World of Warcraft related data entered by server administration. Users can opt out by disabling third party data sharing in their account. All Discord related user-data is exclusively stored in discord messages which are administrated by server owners.