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Emoji Locker Emoji Locker#7965
e! or @mention
This bot can whitelist the usage of custom emojis to server roles, making them disappear from the emoji picker!
Owner: chickenmatty Prefix: e! or @mention

Emoji Locker

With this bot, you can restrict the usage of your server’s emojis, opening you to the possibility of involving emojis in server economies, leaderboards, rewards etc…


You can manage the bot with these two commands

  • e!lock

Whitelist the usage of some emojis to some roles, just run e!lock and follow the interactive setup. Only who has at least one of the whitelisted roles will be able to use the emojis

lock tutorial

  • e!unlock

The unlock command disables the whitelist for an emoji, so everyone will be able to use it. Its usage is very similar to the lock command, just run e!unlock and follow the steps in the gif below.

unlock tutorial


These two are the main commands, but there are more commands which allows you to lock all emojis at once and more, discover them by running e!help


The e!settings command allows you to change two settings, the bot’s prefix and the persistent roles, which are roles automatically included in every lock operation, so if you want to keep, let’s say, admins always able to use your emojis, just add their role to the configuration

persistent roles