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WikiAuthBot WikiAuthBot#1556
Authenticates Discord members to Wikimedia Foundation accounts via OAuth

WikiAuthBot is setup to allow users to authenticate to their Wikimedia accounts via OAuth. This helps in verifying who editors are and can be used to restrict channels to those that have declared their account. Authorizations are synchronized across servers the bot is in.
Currently, the bot supports Breton, Bosnian, Croatian, Dutch, English, French, German, Russian, Serbian, and Ukrainian languages. To get another language added, DM me on Discord.

User commands:
.auth - authenticate to your Wikimedia account
.whois DiscordID - view an authenticated members Wikimedia information such as edit count and administrative groups

Admin commands (req. manage_server):
.setlang Language(EN, UK, FR, NL, DE, RU, BS, SR, HR, BR) - set the language to be used on the server
.setachan #auth-channel or ChannelID - set channel bot posts authentication message to
.setwchan #general or ChannelID - set channel bot posts welcome messages to
.setrole @AuthRole or RoleID - set the role assigned to authenticated users