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StickyBot #0392
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StickyBot is a verified discord bot that allows persistent messages in text channels.

Update to the bot: In order to comply with discords API TOS the “stickied” message is now sent every 15 seconds or 5 messages rather than after every message.

This is by far the best way to make an announcement in your discord server! This bot will pin any message you give it to the bottom of a channel. Meaning every time a message is sent in the channel the bot will send the sticky message in the channel. The bot will also delete its last sticky message everytime it sends a new one so it does not get spammed. TLDR: The most recent message in the channel will be the sticky message you set.

-Do ?commands for all the bots commands!

(If your channel is very active, the message will be sent every 5 messages)

Bot Commands:

?stick <message> - Sticks message to the channel.

?stickstop - Cancels stickied message.

(Member must have Manage Messages permissions to use sticky commands.).

?about - Support Server and other useful info.

?poll <question> - Create a poll for people to vote.

?userinfo <@user> - Get info on a member.

?serverinfo - Get info on the server.

?joinlist <count> - Get the first X amount of members who have joined the guild.

?roll - Role two dice.

?faq - Get the FAQ for StickyBot.

?invite - Invite link for StickyBot.

?virus - Get latest stats from COVID-19.


-When I use commands the bot does nothing? Make sure the bot can read messages in that channel as well as send then. (If the bot is offline check the support discord server to see why)

-How many stickied messages can I have at once? You can have as many stickied messages in your server as you would like.

-When I use the ?stick command it reacts with a X? This either means you don not have permissions to use that command OR the bot does not have permissions to send messages in that channel. (To use the ?stick commands you need to have the manage messages permission in the server.)

Any other Questions? Join the StickyBot support server and we will be happy to help.

Sticky Command Demo: