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Verification #9624
. or @Verification
Owner: Gh0st #6881 Library:
Easy to use! Block VPN's, Alts & spam-accounts from spamming in your server! Everyone must first verify.
Owner: Gh0st #6881 Prefix: . or @Verification

Welcome to Verification Bot!

Spam-accounts are really dangerous & annoying for discord servers, with this bot you can block those threads and have fun on your server with out the fear of getting raided by spam-accounts.

Still need help setting up the verification method?
Join our support server and get in touch with the support team!

Category Command Description
User .help Sends a Direct Message of the commands list
General .verify Displays verification Message
Staff .purge Delete a amount of messages (max 100).
Staff .setup Setup your server to use our verification method
Staff .remove-verification Deletes the server from our database, so the verification method wont work