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Cookie Fighter#5851
Owner: Sebastiano#3151 Library:
Fight your friends with Cookie minigames!

Fight your friends with Cookie Fighter! Earn cookies playing cookies minigames with your friends! Reach the leaderboard and be the best cookie fighter ever!

  • How does it work?

When someone types c/cookie there will be a counter (3 seconds), when this will end bot will edit the message and it will react with a cookie (🍪) to that message, the first member to react to that message will win the game and a cookie will be added on his balance!

  • Commands

    • c/cookie The first person to react with a cookie will win.
    • c/type The first person to send a cookie will win.
    • c/party Make a party with some friends and play a random game only with them.
    • c/stats <member> Check how many cookies a member has.
    • c/leaderboard Check the leaderboard.