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Yukiko #9360
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Yukiko is a powerful Discord bot you can use on any server. It includes Moderation, leveling, and many more!


A Discord bot named after Yukiko Amagi from Persona 4 and Personal 4 Golden. Our goal is to let you build a Discord server with only one bot which makes it way easier to manage. That’s why we include some powerful Moderation function as Kick/ban with confirmation, whois, and timeout

Who hates fun? Not us. That’s why we constantly add fun commands, and functions like Reddit allows you to display a random post from any subreddit! but as they said “Safety first” Yukiko will only post NSFW-tagged posts on an NSFW channel. We also support giphy with Random gifs or searches.

Wanna let Yukiko help you get rid of your other bots? Invite her! she will gladly help you! :)

Want to support us in the development and have some bucks to spare? give us a Kofi :)