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Owner: All Toasters Toast Toast#0001 Library:
A server managemenet bot which includes Starboard, Music, Reaction Roles, Hololive Tracking, SauceNAO support, and more.

Officially Verified Discord bot as of 4/21/20

Succubus is a general moderation bot that includes various features, such as:

  • Starboard
  • Reaction Roles
  • SauceNAO support
  • Magic the Gathering card searching
  • Logging
  • Hololive Livestream Tracking
  • Ping Roles, aka virtual “roles” that users can join without filling up the role list
  • Music with queue, volume, and seeking
  • General moderation features (banning/kicking, etc.)
  • and other various fun and helpful features.

Succubus was originally a private bot for the /r/Konosuba Discord Server, however she has been recoded and revamped for public use. I plan to add a lot more to Succubus as she gains popularity. I hope you enjoy using Succubus in your server!