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Utili comes with a great number of utility features for your server, and nothing else.

Utili is a bot which adds a great number of features to your server, all of them with plenty of customisable options on the dashboard at

⭐ Autopurge

Automatically deletes messages

⭐ Voice-Text Linking

Makes a text channel visible to people in a voice channel

⭐ Notices

Create an embed and keeps it at the bottom of a channel

⭐ Filter Messages

Deletes messages which don’t fit the rule you set

⭐ Join Roles

Gives several roles to users when they join the server

⭐ Role Persist

When someone leaves and rejoins the server, their roles are added back to them

⭐ Message Logs

Logs deleted and edited messages

… and 7 more useful features in an ever-growing list.