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mt (configurable)
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Generate messages out of your messages!
Owners: ziad , Prefix: mt (configurable)


Generate some messages out of your messages by using Markov chains.

How to use

You can find the help by using mt help. You can opt-in by using mt optin. Of course, since people like their privacy and there’s probably some skepticism about it, you can view privacy info with mt privacy. I do not sell your data to third parties, I do not make money out of this at all. It’s just my hobby. You can also read about how Markov works by using mt how. After you’ve opted in, your messages go into 2 chains; the global and the user chain. User chain contains only words from you, and global everyone’s together. YOU CANNOT DELETE YOUR MESSAGES FROM THE GLOBAL CHAIN. Generate out of global with mt gen. Generate out of your user chain with mt genuser. You can also specify a user in this command. Also, you can blacklist channels with mt chbl.

Have fun!!


Messages are sent globally by the people. This can lead it to saying some things, if you know what I mean. Please do not take everything it says seriously

some history

Originally this started out as an experiment, when I saw a different bot do this. I don’t remember its name but it was in the Discord Bots server and was used often there. But it was private, but it would really make your server a bit more fun, and I also wanted to find out what my text would become. Alas, mt v1 was made. It failed horribly. mt v2, worked ok. And now here we are, with mt v3. mt actually means Markov Test, but the name just kinda stuck.