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Fergun #6839
Owner: d4n #9385 Library:
A multipurpose and multilanguage bot with lots of useful commands (Utility, Music, Moderation, and AI Dungeon)
Owner: d4n #9385 Prefix: f!


Fergun is a multipurpose bot that has several commands (over 100!) that are useful for everyone (Text, Utility, Moderation, Music, AI Dungeon, and misc stuff).

The Text module provides commands for modifying text, like reverse, repeat, or randomize text.

The Utility module provides tools that are used for a general purpose like OCR, TTS, Image search or Wikipedia articles.

The Moderation module provides commands to moderate a server, like kick or ban a user, or clear messages.

The Music module provides commands to listen to music with the bot on a voice channel.

The Other module provides commands that doesn’t have an specific category.

The AI Dungeon module provides commands for playing AI Dungeon: creating and managing adventures, undoing, redoing, altering your progress, all of that on your server, inside Discord.

Command list

Use f!help [command] to get more info about a command.

Text commands (8):

normalizeNormalizes a text.
randomizeRandomizes a text.
repeatRepeats a text a number of times.
reverseReverses a text.
reverselinesReverses the line order of a text.
reversewordsReverses the words order of a text.
sarcasmsARcAstIC teXt.
vaporConverts a text to vaporwave.

Utility commands (27):

avatarReturns the avatar of the current user, or a specific user, if passed.
badtranslatorPasses a text through a bad translator.
base64encodeEncodes a text to Base64.
base64decodeDecodes a text from Base64.
calcEvaluates a math expression.
channelinfoShows info about a channel.
choiceChooses an option from a list.
configShows an embed with the bot configuration options at guild level.
editsnipeShows the last edited message in the current channel.
helpShows the help menu or the info of a command.
identifyIdentifies an image with Microsoft CaptionBot.
imgSearches for an image with Google Image Search.
ocrPerforms OCR to an image with OCR.SPACE
ocr2Performs OCR to an image with Tesseract.
ocrtranslateOCR and translate.
pingGets the latency in sending a message and the latency of the Discord Websocket / API.
resizeResizes an image with waifu2x.
roleinfoGets information about a role.
screenshotTakes a screenshot to a website.
serverinfoReturns info about the current server.
snipeShows the last deleted message in the current channel.
translateTranslates a text.
ttsText to speech.
userinfoReturns info about the current user, or a specific user, if passed.
wikipediaSearches for an article on Wikipedia.
xkcdReturns a random xkcd comic or a specific comic if a number is passed.
ytrandomReturns a "random" YouTube video.

Moderation commands (7):

banBans an user.
clearClears the last x messages in the current channel.
hackbanHackbans an user.
kickKicks an user.
nickChanges the nickname of an user.
softbanSoftbans an user (kick + delete user messages).
unbanUnbans an user.

Music commands (17):

joinJoins a voice channel.
leaveLeaves a voice channel.
moveMoves the bot to the voice channel the current user is.
playSearches and plays a track from YouTube.
replayReplays the current track that is playing, if there's any.
pausePauses the player.
resumeResumes the playback.
seekSeeks the current track to the specified position.
stopStops the player.
skipSkips the current track, if there's any.
volumeSets the player volume.
queueShows the queue.
nowplayingGets the current track in the player.
shuffleShuffles the queue.
removeRemoves a track in the queue at a specified index.
loopRepeats the current track a number of times.
lyricsShows the lyrics of the specified song, or the current track in the player if none passed.

AI Dungeon (12):

infoShows the AI Dungeon help.
newShows the story creation prompt.
continueContinues the story with the text you provide. If no text is passed, the AI will generate the story.
undoUndo the last action.
redoDid you undo on accident? Use this command to get it back.
alterEdits the last response from the AI.
rememberAdds text to the memory context.
idlistShows the IDs of an user.
idinfoShows info about a ID.
makepublicMakes an ID public.
makeprivateMakes an ID private.
deleteRemoves an ID.

Other commands (17):

changelogShows the bot changelog.
codeShows the source code of a command.
cringeBro you just posted cringe!
inspirobotGet some inspirational quotes.
inviteSends the bot invite link.
languageSets the bot language.
nothingThe best command.
prefixSets the bot prefix.
reactionAdds a reaction to a message.
reportShows the report info.
someoneReturns a random user.
statsShows the bot stats.
tcdneThis cat does not exist
tpdneThis person does not exist
triviaTrivia time!
uptimeShows the bot up-time.
voteShows an embed with the vote link.

Owner commands (11):

bashRuns a bash command.
blacklistAdds an user to the blacklist, or removes it.
botgameSets the game status of the bot.
botstatusSets the status of the bot.
colorSets the embed color.
evalEvaluates code.
forceprefixForce sets the prefix in this guild.
globalprefixSets the bot global prefix.
logoutDisconnects the bot.
restartRestarts the bot.
saySays something.