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OtterBot #8843
ottr. (customizable)
Owner: • Coiny • #3574 Library:
A basic but useful social bot, along with music and reaction functions to you!
Owner: • Coiny • #3574 Prefix: ottr. (customizable)

About OtterBot!

  • A Social and misc bot! Try to use my main and great commands!

    i'm getting updates and more bug fixes and open to support!

  • And now with music command updated, where you can choose your music in a list of search and more functions!

  • Main Commands

  • - Displays the main menu and command guides
  • ottr.prefix [prefix] - Change the default Prefix!
  • ottr.set-confession [#channel] - Set your confessions channel and try to send your unknow secrets 👀
  • ottr.confession [message] < --n to make it public> - send an Anonymous message or reveal your username!
  • ottr.hug/kiss/kill [user] - Send an interaction to a user!
  • - Leave your vote here or Discord Bots
  • Beta Functions!

    WARNING! The following commands is under testing and it's better try to do not use it yet, until i release the new version~ att: Coiny

  • ottr.adopt [name] - Adopt Your pet and give it a new home...
  • ottr.profile - Check you pet's stats and inventory
  • Support links!

  • Buy me a Coffee~
  • Github