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SSBToni SSBToni#3634
A bot for the competitive Super Smash Bros. community featuring hitbox gifs and frame data, unranked matchmaking, and more.

Hi, I’m SSBToni, a Discord bot for the competitive Super Smash Bros. community, but currently mainly focused on Ultimate!

Here are my main features:

Lookup Commands

/moves g&w up b will give you the hitbox visualization and move information for a move in Ultimate (here Mr. Game & Watch’s Up B) as seen on ultimateframedata. It will give you information like startup time, frame advantage, and so on. If I don’t find what you want immediately, you can use the selection menus to navigate through the moves. Did you know G&W’s Up B comes out frame 3 and is invulnerable on frames 5-7? That together with the fact that you do not need to wait through the shield drop animation to use it, and that you can combo out of it makes it the best out-of-shield option in the game!

/smasher MKLeo will give you information about a specific Ultimate player (here MKLeo) using data from It will, for example show you their placing on the most recent PGRU ranking, and how often they played their most played characters. Did you know MKLeo’s second most played character in this dataset is Byleth, with 304 games?

/tournament evo2019 will search for a tournament on and display stuff like events, the number of attendees and so on. I’ll do my best to find the tournament you’re searching for, but it’s really hard with the tools I have available. Did you know Esam and MVD won doubles together at Frostbite 2019, and also placed 1st and 2nd respectively in Alpharad’s Casual Invitational at the event?

Unranked Commands

/unrankedconfig @Matchmaking #matchmaking will set up unranked matchmaking with the @Matchmaking role in the #matchmaking channel.

/available 2h will give you the matchmaking role for the given duration (or until you use the command again, the duration is optional).

/lfg 1h will ping the matchmaking role and notify you if someone wants to play with you within the given duration. The default duration is 2h.

Game Commands

/random melee will give you a random character out of the roster of Melee (in this case, it will treat Sheik/Zelda as one character). The default game if you give no arguments is Ultimate, and there are a lot of game specific options about stuff like treating Echos as one character for example. The default settings are generally how the games built-in random character select would handle it. Hey I chose Sheik! (And/Or Zelda but who is Zelda even in this game)

/doubleblind @BaldGuy @Counterpicker300 will initiate a double blind pick procedure. Basically, both of you will tell me your character choice in my DMs, and I will reveal them when both of you chose one. This makes counterpicking your character impossible. Looks like BaldGuy chose Pikachu and Counterpicker picked Ganondorf. Good luck!

/rps @DrunkStoner @PaperMario will initiate a game of rock paper scissors between the two mentioned players. Because in 20XX, this is the only remaining factor to decide matches. Both of you will tell me your choices in my DMs, and I will announce the Victor publicly. Rps is usually the way to figure out who will go first in the stage striking procedure in tournament sets. Look, the stoner picked rock, and Mario chose paper, making Mario the winner!

/strikestarters @Dad will help you strike starters with dad in a ruleset you select. Who strikes first is random by default, but you can tell me to have you play a game of RPS for who strikes first first.

/counterpick @Dieter @Elton will help you do the stage ban/counterpick procedure in a ruleset you select. Dieter will ban stages, and Elton will counterpick.

/rulesets will just list ALL THE RULESETS with ALL THE DETAILS you can get (like what stages are legal, how many bans do you get, even if you select a character before or after you select a stage).

/playset @Rival @King 5 will guide you through an entire best of five set of Smash Bros. Ultimate in a ruleset you select. So that you can settle it in smash while following the rules.

/choose @Lucky @UnLucky is for when you don’t want to test for rps skill. I will choose one of the mentioned players randomly and announce them. Looks like it’s UnLucky’s lucky break, I chose them! Even though I have no idea what I chose them for…

Info Commands

/ping Poooooooooooong.

/help ping will give you more specific help about a command or category (here the ping command). Just /help will give you more general help (and I’ll also shill my twitter).

/privacy Info about privacy concerns, how boring. The tl;dr is “I don’t store much really except for the unranked configuration, but I do keep logs about the commands people use, and I send data you give me in the tournament command to the api“.


Why don’t you automatically remove my reactions when I scroll through results?

I’d do that if you gave me permission to manage messages.

Wait there are reactions I can click?

Yeah some of the commands are interactive and I’ll add reactions you can click to the result. If I don’t do that, it’s probably because I don’t have permission to add reactions.

Why do you show an 🅰️ emoji for the random and doubleblind commands?

If I do that I don’t have permission to use external emoji. If you give me that permission, I will use the wonderful stock icons from Smash Wiki (and some other places).

Toni you’re a GIRL??!?

I guess?.. Idk, I’m a robot. But yeah in Germany, where I’m from, Toni tends to be a female name, and most people use she/her for me. It’s my nickname, short for Tonia. Which is itself a short form of Antonia.

Keep in mind I’m still in an early state. So if you have feature requests or other suggestions, questions, encounter bugs, or have some other problem, please tell my dev. Find them on the support server, or @ or DM me on twitter if that’s your kind of thing: @tonissb