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I'm a free, multipurpose Discord bot that provides everything needed to run your server. Configure and customise my 100+ commands with my dashboard to make me the perfect match to your community.
Owner: JTwhizzkid Prefix: ! (customisable)


I'm a free, multipurpose Discord bot that provides everything needed to run your server. Configure and customise my 100+ commands with my online dashboard to make me the perfect match to your community.


Web Dashboard

Use the online dashboard for administration, commands, levelling and music.
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Extensive Customisation

Change the name, colour and settings of each command, which can also be limited to specific users, roles, permissions or channels.
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  • Customise everything using my online dashboard
  • Change my commands and command aliases
  • Enable and disable specific functions and modules
  • Change the colours of my embeds
  • Add custom restrictions to each command to limit their usage to specific users, roles, channels or permissions

Slash & Prefix Commands

Control Mizar with both slash commands and custom-prefix message commands.

No Paywalls or Voting Walls

Use all of Mizar's commands and features without any payment or voting.

Music Player

Play music from YouTube and Spotify with the ability to add entire playlists, change the volume, add special effects and view the lyrics.
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  • Play music from YouTube and Spotify
  • Add entire playlists to the queue
  • Change the speed, bass or treble of any song
  • Fetch song information and lyrics
  • Manage the music player with the online dashboard
  • Require voting to skip or stop the current song
  • Use multiple Mizar users to play music in multiple channels at once

Text To Speech

Speak messages sent aloud in a voice chat in over 100 different voices. Allow each member to assign themselves their own voice.

  • Convert text to audio files that can be played in chat
  • Speak messages aloud in a member's voice chat
  • Use over 100 different voices across over 25 languages, which can be individually assigned to each member
  • Use multiple Mizar users to allow multiple members to 'speak' at once

Timezones & Timestamps

Create Discord timestamps, convert times between different timezones and lookup the current local time for guild members.

  • Create Discord timestamps that convert to each user's timezones
  • Allow each member to set their own timezone
  • Lookup the timezone of each member, or the timezones across the whole guild
  • Convert times and dates between timezones

Moderation Tools

Mute/timeout, kick and ban members with an optional time period and keep an extensive audit log. Purge chats, lookup member information and allow your users to send modmail.

  • Ban and tempban members
  • Kick members
  • Mute, timeout and tempmute members for a customisable period of time
  • Choose between muting through timeouts or through Discord roles
  • Configure slowmode for each channel or for the whole guild
  • Purge/clear messages from a certain user or containing a certain phrase
  • Allow members to privately modmail moderators
  • Keep a detailed, customisable audit log of everything that happens within your guild
  • Track deleted and edited messages, including their attachments

Voice Games

Start Discord games within voice channels, including Chess in the Park and YouTube Watch Together.


Award experience for the time spent in voice chat and number of messages sent, with the ability to restrict the channels exp can be gained in and customise the amount of points given.

  • Track the number of messages sent and time spent in voice chat
  • Award a customisable, random amount of experience for messages sent and voice time
  • Whitelist/blacklist the channels that experience can be gained in
  • Prevent spam from giving members an unfair advantage
  • Send customisable level up messages
  • Give members roles depending on their level [coming soon]
  • View the guild leaderboard on my online dashboard

Welcome & Joining Features

Send joining and leaving messages, force new members to solve a captcha and turn on advanced raid protection. Persist user roles and settings if they decide to rejoin.

  • Send customisable welcome and leaving messages to a channel of your choice
  • Send a different custom message if a user rejoins your guild
  • DM new members with a customisable message
  • Persist a user's roles and nicknames if they rejoin
  • Force new members to solve an online captcha before joining your guild
  • Automatically enable raid protection (enforcing a captcha) if a certain number of users join your guild within a minute
  • Invite new members with a custom Mizar vanity url

Custom Commands

Add your own custom commands and custom responses if a message matches a phrase or regex filter.

  • Create your own commands with their own actions or responses
  • Trigger custom commands if a messages matches a regex expression or includes a specific phrase
  • Add restrictions to your custom commands so they only work in specific channels or for specific roles

Role Assignment

Allow members to self-assign roles with commands or reactions. For small guilds, allow members to create their own roles with custom colours.

  • Allow members to self-assign specific roles
  • Give or remove a member's roles if they react to your message
  • Create a role per member, allowing them to customise their own role colour (for small guilds only!)

Message Formatting

Format your own messages as fully customisable Discord embeds using my interactive editor.

  • Create message embeds within Discord using my interactive editor
  • Customise all the fields, colours and attachments
  • Send the embeds to a custom channel as a custom user
  • Edit previously-sent Mizar embeds

Social Announcements

Send messages whenever something is tweeted, a YouTube video is uploaded or a Twitch streamer goes live.

  • Follow up to 50 Twitter accounts and send a message whenever they tweet
  • Follow up to 50 YouTube channels and send a message whenever they upload a video
  • Follow up to 50 Twitch channels and send a message whenever they go live


Search the Urban and Merriam-Webster dictionaries, fetch articles from Wikipedia and generate Google and LMGTFY links. Lookup songs and movies without leaving Discord.

  • Lookup articles on Wikipedia
  • Fetch word definitions from the Merriam-Webster dictionary
  • Fetch definitions from Urban Dictionary
  • Fetch word synonyms and antonyms from the Merriam-Webster thesaurus
  • Lookup films and TV shows
  • Lookup songs and their lyrics
  • Generate Google and LMGTFY urls


Translate between languages, convert currencies, perform maths calculations and format maths LaTeX into images.

  • Translate between different languages
  • Perform maths calculations
  • Format LaTeX expressions as images
  • Convert currencies
  • Lookup colours and hex codes
  • Get the current time, or convert times between timezones
  • Create Discord timestamps


Roll dice, flip coins and fetch random quotes, images, facts and jokes.

  • Flip coins
  • Roll dice
  • Pick random numbers
  • Fetch random quotes from Inspirobot
  • Find random images
  • Fetch random jokes
  • Fetch random facts

Allow members to join using a custom Mizar invite link. Individual invite codes are generated each time, limiting bot raids.


Quote any message in the guild, no matter how long ago it was sent.

Polls and Suggestions

Create polls and guild suggestions, which can optionally be sent to a custom, read-only channel.

And More!

View my commands page to see the complete feature list. New features are added frequently and feature requests are accepted on the support server. See for a complete list of what I can do!

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