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QOTD Bot helps keep your community active by automatically posting questions, facts, quotes, and more!

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QOTD Bot helps keep your community active by automatically posting questions, facts, quotes, and more!


  • Schedule posts daily, weekly, monthly, or whatever custom schedule!
  • Use the built-in “QOTD Starter Deck” or add your own custom cards (questions, facts, quotes, etc).
  • Control how posts are made, with support for threads and pinning messages.
  • Automatically ping roles when posts are made.
  • Allow users to submit card suggestions for the server!
  • Use the queue to control which cards are posted next!
  • Customize your post with a custom title, description, and color!

Getting Started

To get started, simply run the /setup command using a channel that you want QOTD Bot to automatically post cards in. If you don’t already have a channel, please create one first.

The setup process will guide you through the settings needed to get started. Simply follow the prompts and enter responses where appropriate.

Cards and Decks

What are Cards?

Cards are the items being posted in the channel. These could be questions, facts, trivia, quotes, or whatever you’d like.

Cards can be created in 2 different ways:

  1. Creating cards with the /card add command will directly add new cards to a deck.
  2. Suggesting cards with the /suggest new command will add the card to the channel’s suggestions. These will need to be approved by staff before they are added to a deck.

What are Decks?

Decks are a group of cards, and all cards must be part of a deck. They help to organize cards into different categories, or with different settings, within the same channel.

For example, you might have separate decks for Would You Rather, Video Game Questions, and Member Suggestions all under the same #question-of-the-day channel.

You can create new decks with the /deck new command.

Decks can also be prioritized to determine which cards are posted first. For example, you might want to post any cards in the Member Suggestions deck before posting Would You Rather cards, so you can give Member Suggestions a higher priority of 1 and Would You Rather a lower priority of 2. Decks with the same priority will be treated as if they were combined.


List of Commands

Below is a list of all commands available in QOTD Bot. Some commands may be hidden if you don’t have permission to view them in Discord.

  • /setup - Run setup for a channel.
  • /view
    • channels - View all channel setups.
    • decks - View all decks in a channel.
    • cards - View cards in a deck.
    • card - Preview a specific card.
    • queue - View the queue for a channel.
    • suggestions -View suggested cards for a channel.
  • /community
    • browse - Browse community decks.
    • tags - Browse community deck tags.
    • search - Search community decks.
    • info - View a community deck’s information.
    • cards - View a community deck’s cards.
    • edit
      • name - Edit a community deck’s name.
      • description - Edit a community deck’s description.
      • tag - Toggle a community deck’s tag.
      • language - Edit a community deck’s language.
    • delete - Delete a community deck.
  • /server
    • settings - View server settings.
    • edit
      • time_zone - Edit server time zone.
      • language - Edit server language.
  • /channel
    • settings - View a channel’s settings.
    • permissions - Check the bot’s permissions for a channel.
    • edit
      • schedule - Edit a channel’s post schedule.
      • mode - Edit a channel’s post mode.
      • ping - “Edit a channel’s ping.
      • title - Edit a channel’s title.
      • description - Edit a channel’s description.
      • color - Edit a channel’s post color.
      • max_suggestions - Edit a channel’s maximum number of suggestions per user.
    • move - Move a channel’s setup to a different channel.
    • pause - Pause a channel.
    • resume - Resume a channel.
    • skip - Skip or unskip a channel’s next post.
    • delete - Delete a channel setup.
  • /deck
    • new - Create a new deck.
    • settings - View a deck’s settings.
    • edit
      • name - Edit a deck’s name.
      • priority - Edit a deck’s priority.
      • card_order - Edit a deck’s card order.
      • auto_reset - Edit if a deck should auto-reset or not.
    • move - Move a deck to a different channel.
    • order - Reorder a card in a deck.
    • enable - Enable a deck.
    • disable - Disable a deck.
    • shuffle - Shuffle order of all cards in a deck.
    • reset - Reset a deck.
    • delete - Delete a deck.
  • /queue
    • add - Add a card to the queue.
    • first - Add a card to the front of the queue.
    • order - Reorder a card in the queue.
    • remove - Remove a card from the queue.
  • /suggestions
    • approve - Approve a suggested card.
    • deny - Deny a suggested card.
  • /card
    • add - Add a new card.
    • edit
      • text - Edit a card’s text.
      • image - Edit a card’s image.
    • set - Set a card as posted or unposted.
    • move - Move a card to a different deck.
    • delete - Delete a card.
  • /test - Trigger a test post.
  • /post - Force a card to be posted.
  • /publish - Publish (or republish) a deck to the community.
  • /download** - Download a community deck.
  • /suggest
    • new - Suggest a new card.
    • edit
      • text - Edit a suggested card’s text.
      • image - Edit a suggested card’s image.
  • /premium
    • info - View premium information.
    • subscribe - Subscribe to premium.
  • /vote - Vote for QOTD Bot.
  • /info - View bot info.
  • /help - Find help or contact support.

**This command requires you to have voted recently if your server is not subscribed to premium. You can vote at the link here. Afterwards you will have access to any vote-required commands for 24 hours.

Command Permissions

Want to restrict commands to certain roles, users, or channels? Set up permissions in the bot’s integration page by going to Server Settings > Integrations, and then Manage for this bot.