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Penguin Powered #8696
Owner: Holly #0696 Library:
A chat line to friendly people you can talk to about your issues. This includes owning pets you can care for and help grow.
Owner: Holly #0696 Prefix: pp!

Welcome to Penguin Powered!

What does the bot do?

The bot allows you to anonymously contact a supporter to communicate with.

What do you mean by "anonymously"?

The bot doesn't share share your username with anyone and when you request a session, all you need to give is a name and your preferred pronouns. The name doesn't have to be real, but something we can call you by.

Great! How do I start?

Just run pp!request Name:Pronoun in your DMs and the bot will send a request to our supporters!

Is there anything else to do?

Of course! Run pp!petlist to look at a range of pets you can obtain then adopt them with pp!petadopt and the command will take you from there! You can walk and train your pet which gains XP and loses Hydration and Hunger so make sure you feed you pet and give them water!

Can I help out in any way?

Yes! Of course! The easiest way of helping is by inviting the bot using this link to any servers you know may need it! If you want to become a staff member, you'll need to DM H077y#0666 and ask!