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Isekai Maid Isekai Maid#1774
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37,000 anime waifu/husbando characters to claim from different animes to claim, level up, trade and more!
Owner: TriForMine Prefix: im. (changeable)

Isekai Maid

A Discord Bot with more than 37,000 waifus/husbandos to claim, level up, trade with other users. They are constantly added and suggested by the community.

With Isekai Maid you can:

  • Search for characters
  • Edit your profile
  • Trade with other users and try to get all the waifus/husbandos you like
  • Level up your character by sending them into missions in other worlds
  • Try to collect all the characters from an anime/manga by trading them and adding the anime/manga to your wishlist!
  • Fight with other users using your high level characters and bet your fuel on it.
  • Join guilds and get perks for helping it to level up
  • Sell or Buy characters on the official market
  • And more to come!

The bot is still currently work in progress and gets a updated everyday.

A lot of features are planned.