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Scathach Scathach#1444
$! or s! or /slash or (configurable)
NSFW & Lewd bot, anime porn, mass request nsfw, automated nsfw, booru imageboards, doujinshi reader, nsfw minigames, music bot
Owner: sinkaroid Prefix: $! or s! or /slash or (configurable)

Scathach NSFW bot

Scathach Scathach bot is a Lewd bot and semi NSFW bot, A wide range of NSFW, doujinshi aggregator, NSFW minigames, and sexy music players.

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πŸ“» Music players: No queue limits, play music from almost every source, better user-experience, fun with plenty of audio effects.

πŸ”ž The next level NSFW: NSFW Hentai or porn or short videos, 3d or 2d. Scathach bot handle it all, furry included.

πŸ’’ NSFW Bomb: Say no more with single NSFW content, request up to 30 NSFW content at once.

πŸ•’ Automated NSFW: Automated NSFW porn, automated nsfw hentai, automated nsfw reddit, and more. You can use it freely.

πŸ’¦ NSFW minigames: Wet minigames such as Fate grand order porn, Genshin impact porn, Azur lane porn, Arknights porn, and more.

🎨 Booru imageboards: Automatic send, Tags blocker, request up to 30 images at once or choose reaction its up to 100+ images.

πŸ”ž Doujinshi & manga reader: The most daring doujin bot over Discord, Supported NSFW website: nhentai, pururin, hentaifox and more.

πŸ”¨ Server moderation: Welcoming new members, advanced purge messages, autoroles, anti-alt handler, and more.

🌐 Web dashboard: Configure your server and bot behaviour settings with ease:

πŸ› οΈ Modular:

Scathach breaks itself into modules to allow degenerate users to interact with our API at lower levels where just
chillin invoke every single commands or adding optional parameter such as bulk requests, search behaviour,
automated commands, send or troll to another users, majority commands can be toggled disable/enable.

See what else Scathach can do by visiting our website.