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Scathach #1444
$! or <? or Configurable
Owner: Sinxr #2626 Library:
Fate/Lewd Order: Penetration testing, Competitive Dota 2, Cryptochecker, and fully functional NSFW Entertainment designed to getting closer into Lewd Holy Grail.
Owner: Sinxr #2626 Prefix: $! or <? or Configurable

Scathach bot.


Fate/Lewd Order: Penetration testing, Competitive Dota 2, Cryptochecker, and fully functional NSFW Entertainment getting closer into Lewd Holy Grail.

Getting started with $!help (customizable) or mention @Scathach#1444
Learn each commands available here #Docs


  • 👊 Anime
    Scathach has several anime related commands to search anime and manga. Allowing create your native list Plan to watch, Plan to read or marking a Bad anime without connect into your MAL account.

  • 💰 Crypto
    Easily check on your coins with Scathach’s crypto command: contains currency conversions, cryptocurrency stats checker. Actionable data retrieved from @coinmarketcap and @Cryptometer.

  • 🗡️ DotA 2
    Bringing dota 2 utilities over Discord service, allowing for realtime-check match, competitive, patch, heroes or items in any Discord server. Actionable data provided by OpenDota.

  • 😀 Fun
    Memes and NSFW Entertainment. Pretending to fuck someone, cum on another user, horny fight with your friends, and Pretending to join Holy Grail War. Getting started with $!help fun.

  • 💸 Economy
    Unique economy system thu nsfw activity. Simply, every u ran any nsfw commands your coin will increased. That’s all. Our perks isn’t completed yet, so earn it from now.

  • 🔨 Mod
    Scathach isn’t great moderation bot, but she can BONK someone who being rude in your server and creating your mods-logging, Purging messages, and toggling your NSFW channel properly.

  • 🍑 NSFW
    CROTTTT UH AHH UH AHHH. Scathach come to satisfied your horny, bringing “Fancy” and lots of lots nsfw stuff. Getting started with $!help nsfw. If you think nsfw is disgusting, do “$!disablensfw” ty.

  • 🎯 Recon
    Scathach trying build Quick recon and pentest utilities over discord service, allowing quickcheck, scan, and information gathering in any Discord server. Pls read this terms-of-service#recon.

  • ❤️ Roleplay
    Express yourself with smug, hug, slap and more.
    Some commands includes Fate series edition are powered by chaldea.

  • ⚙️ Utilities
    A bunch of API entries and completely free.

… and more i guess?!?

Scathach on Telegram

Scathach bot available on Telegram too. Talk with her on: or

It’s all free. For now.

All it’s yours. Everyone need no donate for fancy features.
Links:,, Discord

Opensource Project.

We have the original dedicated core of the Scathach bot itself. I’m always happy to receive PR and issues or just look arround to improve things.
Check it out our project at: /OpenProject

Privacy policy and data issues

We stored some data mostly snowflake assigned by Discord and your Steam32ID. Read $!data readme
Frequently asked questions:
How can users get data removed? You can type $!data purge for remove your data from Scathach bot.

Futher information you can read Scathach’s docs and commands, changelogs, privacy policy


Bug or Glitches, even suggesting or blame this bot
You can report through $!blame command.
Check $!banned Horny Patrol, Loli Shota or Cub isn’t allowed query here, Furry it’s ok.