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Scathach #1444
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Sinxr #2626
Fate/lewd order minigames, featureful NSFW, booru imageboards, doujins aggregator, and sexy music players.
Owner: Sinxr #2626 Prefix: $! or <? or slash or Configurable

Scathach bot


Scathach bringing Out-of the box things and almost never reinventing the wheel.


Scathach offers free premium lifetime if you play the game well

🦑Fate/Lewd Order minigame :
Over 50.000 database of lewd servants.. Roll and throw a bunch of slut servants! You can play it solo or multiplayer with your friends! Collect the grails, claim daily, roll and throw, get more amplification, then become Seigi no Mikontol!

🎨Booru imageboards :
You can always request up to 25 images at once or choose reaction its up to 100+ images of arrays. Automatic channel send, sends to another users, explicit filter, score filters, wildcards, tags configuration per guilds. Scathach designed to always return the result you want.

📚Doujin aggregator :
Ever wanted to read and download doujin books from your comfort Server? Try Scathach! The most daring and outstanding doujin bot over Discord; Supported many different sites apart from nhentai.

🎵Music players :
Stop being lewd, and start Listening today, Scathach has a Work-in-Progress and Over engineering music players, Supported many different sources, volume control, filter effects, better impression, and better audio quality.

🚀Modular :
Scathach breaks itself into modules to allow degenerate users to interact with our API at lower levels where just chillin invoke every single commands or adding optional parameter such as bulk requests, imagebomb, search behaviour, automation commands, send or troll to another users. Majority commands and categories can be toggled disable/enable and new interaction slash command supported (extremely wip)

🔞Out-of the box NSFW:
Featureful NSFW. Hentai, porn, reddit nsfw, hentaibomb, pornbomb, autonsfw, or even nsfw memes. Majority commands can be sent to another users & automaticly channel send support. None of these commands that locked behind paywall or premium hence you can use it freely.

❤️Fate series Roleplay :
You are used to seeing roleplay gif images on discord by now, such as hugs, kisses, cry, smug and others. Those are taken from various random anime, how about all of them just from the Fate Series?

Is Scathach the right bot for your server?

Scathach is probably a useful bot for your server if:

  • ✅ You and your friends are degenerates enough
  • ✅ Your server based on NSFW community
  • ✅ Your server rely on NSFW content both manual or automation

Scathach is probably NOT the right bot for your server if:

  • ❌ Your server is not based on NSFW community
  • ❌ Your server strong contrary about NSFW content
  • ❌ You don’t already know how to use Sca

Getting started with: $!help or <?help (configurable) / mention @Scathach#1444,

Feel free to join ScathachGrip server, we will be happy to assist you.

See what else Scathach can do by visiting our website.