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Scathach #1444
$! or <? or Configurable
Owner: Sinxr #2626 Library:
Fate/Lewd Order, Strong ability booru imageboards, Out-of the box NSFW, Doujin aggregator, Easy access music player, Periodic crypto price alerts, Competitive Dota 2 and Semi multi-purpose
Owner: Sinxr #2626 Prefix: $! or <? or Configurable



The next level of Lewdness✨ Take your server to the Future Lewds.

Scathach bringing Out-of the box features and almost never reinventing the wheel.


  • More than NSFW!
  • Sca is designed designed to always return the result you want.
  • While other bot forbids you to search over long and complex queries, Sca will always listen it all.
  • If other bot just prove constant features and no search required:
    • Scathach allows you to explore your sexual degenerates over searching behaviour as well.
  • Sca known for its NSFW bot, but now it’s pretty sick and semi multi-purpose
  • View our page to see everything Scathach can outplays your server
  • Microservices
    • Although Sca is where the Discord focused, she also available on Telegram.


  • Strong ability booru imageboards: Configurable per guilds, tags blocker, send periodically
  • Out-of the box NSFW: Allow request up to 25 images at once, majority commands can be send periodically
  • Doujin aggregator: The most daring doujin aggregator over Discord apart from just Nhentai
  • Periodic crypto price alerts: 5 min intervals, easy configuration, and bunch of coins are supported
  • Easy access music player: A Work-In-Progress music plugin that supported many sources and audio effects.
  • Semi-multipurpose: Moderation, anime, auto moderation, welcomer, autoroles, anti-alt, antirude and more
  • Quick penetration testing: Please read this section terms-of-service#recon
  • Congratulations, you’re found sick nsfw bot and its 99% free

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Getting started with: $!help or <?help (configurable) / mention @Scathach#1444,

It’s all free forever!

Sca is listening for your commands 24/7 i guess, Sca is rarely downs.
Free - All main features are available for free; Support Sca also unlocks additional options.
We never lock behind a paywall, Forever. I-i m-meantttt f-for now. fufu

Full list of commands

Please read the Documentation. Don’t worry, it can be read through search button in less than a minute, unless you have some sort of reading disability.

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