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Custom Command #7761
Owner: RAKE #6882 Library:
advanced bot create custom commands / response with over 290 functions like role , autorole , create Ticket , embed , dbd.js ,easier Yagpdb

Custom Command Bot

With this module you can create commands which has Trigger like Message. The commands name are from dbd.js .We have developed it like dbd ,so person ,who are familiar with it can directly use it.

Pls Check our Docs under

Possible Usage

  • Reaction Role
  • Welcome Message
  • Timer,Intervals
  • Member Count
  • Counting Channel
  • Minecraft Server Status
  • Your own,just contact RAKE#6882 and your command will get added
  • Toggle Role,by message
  • You can do everything with the bot since the bot has full support with djs.


  • Ignore Roles,Channels and Permissions
  • Trigger:[Member add/remove,On Message,Reaction,Interval]
  • Listen to Bots
  • Clone Code snippet