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Shiba tatsuya #0667
s. | Customizable
Owner: XfindZ #8225 Library:
Shiba Tatsuya is discord bot multipurpose features with category General,Music,Moderation,info,search,image,and other
Owner: XfindZ #8225 Prefix: s. | Customizable

Shiba Tatsuya is discord bot have multipurpose features with above 70 command’s
How you can find the list command? You can do with tag bot: @shiba tatsuya help or type [(prefix)commands] want use custom prefix? you can type (s.prefix [your prefix]) Category List: General,Moderation,Music,info,search,setting,other Get command by type:

  • ❯ (prefix)generalhelp

  • ❯ (prefix)musichelp

  • ❯ (prefix)modhelp

  • ❯ (prefix)settinghelp

  • ❯ (prefix)infohelp

  • ❯ (prefix)searchhelp

  • ❯ (prefix)otherhelp

  • Example: s.generalhelp

  • Switch to other page by reacting emoji

Get latest changelog update bot by type: (prefix)updates

If have another page you can do (prefix)[category][page]

Thank you if you invite me to your server