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Owner: RockinChaos#6746 Library:
Free and easy to use bot for creating and handling tickets using reactions or commands in a support system environment.


Highly customizable ticket system.

Features - These are all optional and are disabled by default, excluding ticket creation by a user.

  • Users can create their own tickets.
  • Admins to create tickets for any user.
  • Admins to add other users to a ticket.
  • Rename a ticket.
  • Create a reaction emoji embed that can open a ticket.
  • Define a log channel for closed tickets.
  • Define a category for new tickets to be created under.
  • Specify custom text to display when opening a ticket for the ticket open embed.
  • Specify custom text to display for the reaction emoji embed.
  • Purge any messages that are not pinned from the reaction emoji channel.
  • Restrict chat to only bot commands in the reaction emoji channel.
  • Add a role to the ticket channels.
  • Tag the role when a ticket has been created.
  • Ping the user when their ticket has been created.
  • Specify the number of tickets a user is allowed to have active.
  • Define a duration to wait before automatically closing an inactive ticket.
  • Define a duration to wait before automatically closing an empty ticket.
  • Require a reason when creating or closing a ticket.
  • Set a custom Prefix for the Bot Commands.
  • Transcripts for closed tickets.



  • Shows this help menu.


  • Shows information about this bot.

-new <reason>

  • Creates a new ticket channel.

-newsudo <user> <reason>

  • Creates a new ticket channel for the user.

-add <user>

  • Adds the user to the ticket channel.
  • Must be typed in a ticket channel.

-rename <name>

  • Renames the ticket channel.
  • Must be typed in a ticket channel.

-close <reason>

  • Closes the ticket channel.
  • Must be typed in a ticket channel.

-value <argument> <value>

  • Allows you to configure the bot.


  • Shows the current bot configuration.


  • Sends a reactable message users can use to create tickets.

Value Commands

-value <argument>

Choose an argument:


  • Resets the Bot Configuration.

prefix <prefix>

  • Sets the Bot command prefix.

logs <@Channel>

  • Channel to save ticket logs.

embed_color <#hex>

  • Sets the Embed Message(s) color of the Bot.

ticket_category <category>

  • Sets the categtory to create ticket channels.

ticket_embed <message>

  • Define a custom message for the Ticket Embed.
  • This is displayed in a new ticket channel.

reaction_embed <message>

  • Define a custom message for the Reaction Embed.

purge_delay <integer>

  • Duration to wait before purging any unpinned
  • messages from the Reaction channel.
  • Set to -1 to disable.

no_chat <true/false>

  • Sends a message in the Reaction channel when a user
  • tries to send a chat message instead of a command.

role <@Role>

  • The role allowed to view and iteract with the ticket.
  • Set to none to disable.

ping_role <true/false>

  • Ping the specified Role when a ticket is created.

ping_user <true/false>

  • Ping the user creating a ticket when their channel is open.

max_tickets <integer>

  • Sets the max allowed active tickets a user can create.

close_inactive <true/false>

  • Closes an inactive ticket after 48 hour(s).

close_empty <integer>

  • Closes an empty ticket if the user doesn't respond in x second(s).
  • Set to -1 to disable.

force_reason <true/false>

  • Ticket cannot be closed without a specified reason.