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igni igni#8996
All-in-one discord bot including reactions, advanced moderation, development tools, fun commands and more with unique command handling.


We highly recommend reading through this description before inviting the bot to see how it works.

Igni is a universal all-in-one bot. It’s the next generation of bots, starting with a unique command handling - if you make a typo, for most commands, you can just edit the command and the bot will update it’s reply, even if the previous message didn’t start with a correct prefix. That means it’s easier as you don’t have to type out the entire command, and also less messages in chat so you can stay focused on having a nice conversation rather than typing commands.

Things to know

  • Prefix can have spaces after, so for example ! will also match ! . Make sure to not use > as that’s how quotes start.
  • The bot will ask for arguments, use cancel if you don’t want to reply (or wait the default 30s timeout).

No more pings

Any command that requires a user to be selected can be called without a ping - just type the users name, nickname or tag.

No more retyping commands

If you missed a required parameter for a command, the bot will just ask for it. Just send the parameter as a message instead of retyping the whole command.

Many commands

You don’t need 20 bots, each doing their own thing. In past, you had to because the universal bots did many things, but most of them poorly. Igni does many things as well, but we focused on one thing at a time so you (the user) have a pleasant experience.

More to come soon

We didn’t stop on the development of the bot! We’re still working on features such as web dashboard, custom commands, templates and more. Be sure to join our support server for any news we might have!


We have a separate server for testing the bot and talking about it’s development. If you want to be more involved, you can join here.

Temporary features

Some features are still in testing and may be reset at any time.

  • Tickets - we’re currenlty working on a much better ticket system than the current one that will be at least on the same level as bots dedicated to tickets (might mean that the tickets created before the change may not be manageable by the bot).
  • Ranks - We’re experimenting with the values for ranking system, and as such the data may be reset to be more fair.
  • Auto reactions - this feature is in public testing, but may be altered to allow for more features which may lead to losing settings (meaning the bot won’t react to messages).


Question Answer
The bot is sending messages asking me for something. How to stop it? This is part of the unique command system. When a required argument is missing, the bot will ask. There’s a timeout of 30 seconds after last question, so by the team you’re reading this the bot already stopped asking. Else, you could’ve just read what the bot said and responded with the message of “cancel” (without quotes)
How to change prefix? Use the prefix command with an argument of the new prefix. Put it in quotes to force spaces.
What’s the prefix? Default prefix is !, you can get the one simply by pinging the bot (with nothing else in the message). Pinging the bot is a valid prefix too.
Is there a global prefix? Yes there is, pinging the bot works as a prefix anywhere.
How do I disable the unknown command message? Unknown command is a command too - unknown-command. Disable it (using the disable command) and the bot will stop replying with unknown command
How do I disable specific channels? You can use the channels command to manage which channels are allowed. See help channels.
How do I manage who can use the bot? For now, best would be to wait for dashboard. There’s a way using alter-perms but it’s hard to manage in chat and can yield unexpected results. If you enable a role to use a command, it will bypass the permission check. Proceed at your own risk!
How do I select which commands/groups can be used? You can use the enable and disable commands to do just that.


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