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Lacuna Lacuna#1842
Owners: Mikro , Dan Library:
Reactions roles, moderation, music, logs and other
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Lacuna is a versatile Discord bot that provides various features to enhance the user experience of Discord communities.

One of the key activities offered by Lacuna bot is the ability for users to earn experience and currencies by being active on the server. This includes the opportunity to compete with other users for a place on the leaderboard, as well as to receive awards and recognition.

In addition, Lacuna bot provides comprehensive moderation features that allow server owners to keep their communities safe and secure. The bot’s simple command structure and clear descriptions make it easy to use, and it offers auto-moderating capabilities to help protect against troublemakers. The bot also provides an action log to keep track of events and moderators’ penalties, and a reporting system to allow members to send reports to moderators for review.

Lacuna also offers alerts and subscriptions, allowing users to receive notifications when their favorite Twitch or YouTube channels release new videos or go live.

For music enthusiasts, Lacuna provides the ability to listen to music in voice channels. The bot supports a variety of sources, including Spotify, YandexMusic, SoundCloud, direct links to audio recordings, and radio, so users can easily fill their communities with music.

Finally, Lacuna bot provides a range of utility features, including interactive messages and reactions, the ability to create temporary voice channels, and the automatic addition of roles. Custom commands can also be created to meet the needs of individual communities.