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Nick Bot Nick Bot#5282
FFJ 2.0
Nick Bot can help handle Nicknames in your Server with ease. It can do Nickname Requests, Autodehoist, AntiAdvertisement in Username and much more!

Nick Bot


  • Nick Bot is a Bot which can help you Handling Nickname Requests and Automated Actions which it can do.

  • Members can now Request a Nickname Changing Request which will Straight Go to the Moderators of the Server for Checking. The Moderators Can Decide that the Nickname Should be Approved/Denied.

  • This Bot can help by preventing your Server from having People with Hoisted Nicknames which appears in top of all Members due to few Characters like β€œ!”.

  • It has an Automatic Dehoist, so anyone who Joins with a Hoisted Name will be Automatically Dehoisted by the Bot. (If Enabled)

  • Automatic Ban Function which Bans anyone who Joins the Server with a Server Invite Link in their Username. (If Enabled)


  • You can Contact us by Joining this Bot Official Support Server by Clicking Here

More Features

  • We want more Suggestions in order to make the Bot more Powerful, if you have any Suggestions, Please Join our Support Server and Suggest it.