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TTS TTS#4855
Defult is ! and slashcommands
🎙️ A Discord Bot that reads your messages to others with Google voice 📻
Owner: thomaz_05 Prefix: Defult is ! and slashcommands

This bot allows you to speak with Google’s voice through a written chat. to use the bot you have to give the user who wants to use it a specific role then after giving him the role by writing in the appropriate chat on the discord server he can talk to the TTS.

you can check info on the Discord server:

The controls of the TTS.

  1. The bot can be auto set with the command 🛠️: !setup (if you change this all the bot prefixes change!).

  2. To change the prefix do ✒️: !changeprefix <prefix> .

  3. To change the channel id do 📗: !changechannel <id> .

  4. To change the role id do📝: !Changerole <id> .

  5. New setting ✔️ :

  • enable or disable auto delete of messages: !setting deleteMessage “true / false”
  • enable or disable the bot nickname change based on the user: !setting changeNickname “true / false”
  • enable or disable the ability to use the bot outside the voice based on the user: !setting speakOutside “true / false”
  • enable or disable the possibility of using the bot in a single vocal:! setting onlyonevocal true / false
  1. The default language 📚 is english if you want to change it use the command! setlanguage, compatible languages are

7)The bot supports the new slash commands 🤖