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Owner: nununoisy#4593 Library:
Hi Sponge Bob - A fun bot that randomly greets users at a configurable interval and welcomes new users.
Owner: nununoisy#4593 Prefix: @HIDEO_KOJIMA


Hi Sponge Bob

KojimaBot is a fun bot that emulates the style of a fake tweet from Japanese video game designer Hideo Kojima. It uses a state-of-the-art natural language processing algorithm to process a username and split it in half so that the same awkward word split and capitalization can be replicated with any user in your server. It also has a Japanese mode that will greet users in Japanese using a specialized phonetic transcription system.

KojimaBot will randomly greet a user who last spoke in the channel it’s in. For example, if nununoisy last spoke in the channel, KojimaBot will interject and say Hi Nunu Noisy. The frequency of these random greetings can be configured from 1 minute to 1 week, and is by default 15 minutes.

KojimaBot can also optionally send messages to the channel it’s in when a user joins or leaves.