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Bconomy Bconomy#7008
Fun, full-featured economy bot for discord servers! Earn money, join up with friends, play the stock market and build your empire!

Bcoins is a fresh, fully original economy game with…

  • 🧭 Exploring, raiding and robbing
  • ⚔️ Factions and social features
  • 📊 Real-time and userdriven markets
  • 🎒 Inventory and crafting system
  • 🥝 Casual farming and harvesting
  • 🐕 Pets with powerful abilities
  • 🔮 And much more!

Type bhelp start to begin your adventure! Whether you want to become a pro explorer or amass your fortune while AFK, Bcoins has got you covered. Bcoins is a passion project created by a single developer which doesn’t include any pay-to-win/votelocked features - and never will!

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🎖️ Ranks and Levels

Earning Bcoins will allow you to rank up, which grants you new and powerful abilities with each new rank! New ranks give you higher income, both passively and while you work. They also grant more protection against raiders, and allow you to earn more interest and find rarer loot from exploring.

📈 Real-Time Markets

Want to try your hand at beating the stock market? Bcoins allows you to invest in real-world assets (crypto like $ETH, $BTC and $DOGE + stocks like $TSLA, $GME and $AAPL) and user-controlled commodities with your hard-earned virtual dollars. Making the right choices now can lead to all the difference down the road, so invest early and pick wisely!

🦄 Best Friends Forever

Looks like you found a strange egg! Once you manage to craft that incubator and hatch your new loyal friend, they’ll work to find you money and rare items while you’re asleep. Feed and play with your pets to level them up and strengthen your bond to them. Breed and trade pets with other users to find new stats, abilities, and appearances to add to your pet yard!

⚒️ Crafting & Mining

Each time you explore, you have a chance at finding rare and unique items which fetch high prices on the market. You’ll find lots of other items too - but don’t let their plain appearances that fool you. Craft up basic materials into advanced components that allow you to upgrade you and your faction’s abilities and storage space. Don’t worry if you can’t find what you’re looking for immediately, though - bartering with friends is a surprisingly effective strategy!

🏰 Factions and Raiding

Progressing in Bcoins will quickly allow you to join forces with friends and create/join a faction. Factions allow you to raid/rob users with more power, build your own naval force, get a massive shared vault for storage, and even sail the high seas as a pirate. Pick your own banner and decals for your faction and achieve world domination with style.

💡 Additional Info

Bot requires minimal permissions. Start using the bot with command “bhelp” which includes general and in-depth overview, along with admin setup info and tips & tricks.