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Observation Observation#2613
Observation is a multilang moderation bot featuring a web interface and based on a powerful Deep Learning algorithm it's able to detect any kind of toxicity or insults.


Observation is a powerful bot based on a Deep Learning algorithm called Perspective API. It’s working to remove any kind of insults and toxicity on your server. Observation can give a summary of why a message have been deleted, you can customize the behavior such as message deletion and much more.
The bot is still experimental and false positive may happen. This is the reason why the bot doesn’t have mute system yet.
If you have any issue you can join the help Discord to report anything!

Warning! By default, the bot detection rate is very low in order to prevent false positive and annoying censure, you should configure the bot using /config and enable / disable what you want and don’t want!


  • Currently supported languages: FRENCH, ENGLISH
  • Web interface configuration
  • Logging channel with a customizable log message
  • Per channel enable and language
  • Supports multiple languages
  • Based on a powerful Deep Learning algorithm
  • Supports messages edits
  • Lots of settings

  • Type /help to start using the bot
  • The bot will only work in channel where it has been enabled (/add) or if it’s enabled globally
  • The main bot language can be set using /language, specific languages can be set channel wise using /channellang, this should be used if your Discord is using multiple languages!