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ChillBot ChillBot#5961
Owners: unknown , Alboom Library:
The biggest Lofi Radio Bot on discord. Live streaming high quality Lofi 24/7
Owners: unknown , Alboom Prefix: c!

ChillBot 🚩

Join a voice channel. type c!play and the bot will automatically start playing. To disconnect, use c!stop.

Command Use Description
help c!help <command name> Shows a list of all the commands.
play c!play Bot joins and plays lofi in the VC you are currently in.
nowplaying c!nowplaying Shows information about the current playing track.
stop c!stop Disconnect the bot from the voice channel.
prefix c!prefix Customize the bot prefix.
stats c!stats See the stats of ChillBot.
ping c!ping See your ping and shard information.
premium c!premium Get all the information about the premium bot.
credits c!credits Shows the details of the lovely people contributing to the project.
support c!support Displays the invitation link to the support server.
invite c!invite Displays the invitation link for add the bot.

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